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   Video essay: McBride on SXE
A 9 minute video that I made when I got tired of explaining things to the civilians and debating it with the Johnny-come-lately SXE kids.
Video transcript: McBride on SXE
A transcript of the video for those who prefer to read
   La Copia para la video de SXE
La transcripción del ví­deo en español.
Slayers of Boogey Men, pt.1
An essay that seemed to be in line with our themes of conquering fear... and wishing we were cool enough to have earned an eye-patch fighting tigers
   The Futurist Manifesto
During the modern art movement a century ago, there were a bunch of punks in Italy that thought art and music weren't just for old, rich people. This was their call to arms.
StraightEdge at BurningMan
Do sober kids have fun with users? Fuck yes. We have more fun than the users!
   In Defense of Aqua
Yes, the band: Aqua... A long discourse on music that's really just a "Fuck You" to all of my friends who give me that "If it ain't hardcore, it's shit." attitude.
Corporate Samsara
A quick article on day jobs that I think relates a fine mindset.
   Why you can't plan a threesome
It's a rant... You'll have to read and judge for yourself.
Pistons and Windmills
An essay explaining why digital killed record labels but not music and what we should all learn from it.
   Stay Afraid, Suckers!
A short thought on the actual cost of fear and how aweful LAX is