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Corporate Samsara

About now my artist and filmschool friends are saying. "Did you give up on the dream? have you lost your soul?" I could debate "selling-out" for a while, but instead I'll ask: What was the dream? Those guys get up and go through a cycle of working this deal, trying to get that made, talking to this money-man, selling that project. While it may be great to be a rockstar or movie maker, they aren't in any better shape. They are working for the next project in self-perpetuating cycle. I guess the logic is that if you're going to be stuck in an inescapable, rolling burn, it's better to have it be fun, satisfying and something that will get you laid instead of a loathesome way to pass 40hours of your week that achieves nothing more than keeping the wolves at bay. But still is there more? Is there a Corporate Nirvana?

-Mark McBride, 2008

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