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Why you can't plan a threesome

Now if the standard ultra-stereotypical letter-writer was at home and the hot blonde came to the door and made her way into his kitchen and started pouring water on herself, he'd be like, "What the hell is this freak doing making a mess in my kitchen?" If he even got that far. If she asked to come in in the first place chances are he'd stammer, and think he was being put on or something and make excuses to not let her in. But let's say that they got to bedroom, he wouldn't be taking her by the arm and pulling off articles of clothing with the other hand, he'd be worrying about whatever mess may (or may not) be on the floor. And when she ripped of her clothes opened her legs and beckoned for him to come he'd immediately think, "She has to have as many diseases as West Africa" and shoo her off his sheets. But in his fantasy he hits that shit!

I was baffled by the separation of fantasy and reality. If you asked a guy, "Hey, you're alone at a casino club, you make eye contact with a hot chick and she slips you her room key, do you go for it?", he'd say, "Hell yeah." But in reality he wouldn't. He says Hell yeah because in a hypothetical world that's hot sex. But in reality he'd assumed that there was a big scary boyfriend up there waiting to take his wallet and maybe his kidney.

In our letter-writer's fantasy he's ready to go because no one catches syphilis, crabs or AIDS in their fantasy. Every forward hot blonde you pick up at the club in your fantasy is a virgin that has not slept with 3 guys per weekend for the last 6 years.

But this applies to THINKING people. Idiots, drunks, and your friend with the common sense of a goal post follow the hot blonde back to her room because it never occurs to them that they are going to leave there either a wallet lighter or an infection heavier. Getting back to my original point, these people can't plan a threesome because they can't plan.

But let's get back to coherent people, in fact we'll get back to our coherent guy alone at the casino club with a beautiful woman's room key. Alone he won't go, but if he had 2 buddies with him, he'd walk over to brag and get some advice. People need to be told what to do and love to brag, no matter how they actually accomplish both.

"Dude, that hot chick just gave me here room key!"

His buddies will tell him he has to go. Of course all of them, alone, without the council of their friends would not go either. But they can tell him to go because It's not their wallet or syphilis-free bill of health at stake. Same as with any fantasy, it's not really going to happen so, yeah, go for it. Fearless!

When nothing can go wrong people are very inclined to go for it. This applies to when it's just talk or when it's not them having to go through with it. When it is them, when the hot bombshell actually puts a room key in their hand, they don't do it if they have time to think. If they're foolish or out of their heads, then they might, and again-- that's not when plans happen.

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